Raising Spiritually and Emotionally Intelligent Children

Raising Spiritually and Emotionally Intelligent Children

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I was raised in a family where academic excellence was an idol. Throughout my childhood and early adulthood, my sense of worth was rooted in excelling academically. I was book-smart and took pride in winning Bible quiz competitions, but I was socially, emotionally, and spiritually immature. This made me a gullible and timid young lady, and my mental health suffered. Also, I knew about God but did not truly know Him. Consequently, backsliding was very easy each time I experienced a little freedom from parental control.

I believe my story is common in many societies. These days, we have book-smart, socially skilled, or techy children suffering in silence because their spirit, soul, and body are not receiving adequate attention.

An onslaught of attacks is constantly being planned and launched against our children’s spirits, souls, and bodies. If we promptly and strategically support our children’s whole person, spirit, soul, and body, they can overcome mental health challenges, demonic oppressions, and anything that stands in the way of God’s purpose for their lives. We cannot afford to have academically or technologically intelligent children who lack emotional intelligence. Also, it is dangerous to have emotionally intelligent children who do not know how to lean on spirituality when they have reached the limits of positive psychology, breathing techniques, or therapy.

To prevent unnecessary childhood trauma and spiritual battles, parents must proactively support their children's spirit, soul, and body experiences. Over the next few days, we will explore spiritual and emotionally intelligent parenting practices guaranteed to promote spiritual and emotional intelligence in children.

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Raising Spiritually and Emotionally Intelligent Children

By disrupting negative parenting patterns you can give your children a positive childhood experience. This plan will help you explore and adopt parenting practices that promote spiritual and emotional intelligence in you...

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