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Draw Near - PrayerSample

Draw Near - Prayer

DAY 1 OF 15

If you hold a basketball, you have a basketball, it doesn’t mean YOU ARE a basketball. If you have a spoon, you hold the spoon, but you are not a spoon. When you think about God and all that He is, God doesn’t just have love, GOD IS LOVE. God doesn’t just have power, GOD IS power. God is a person and as we draw near to Him in prayer, we get to know Him more and more. We pray because of WHO GOD IS, not the things He has or things He can do. Prayer is about us growing in our relationship with our loving God.

God invites us to draw near to Him. Our relationship with God grows when we talk to Him. If you have a friend at school that you only speak to when you want something, would you be growing in your relationship with them? Are you really getting to know them better by being that kind of friend? We talk with God because of WHO He is, not what He does or what He has.

As we learn about drawing near to God through prayer, remember that God isn’t a far off, distant, wish granter. God is a person, our loving heavenly father, our best friend, our creator. He knows you, loves you and wants you to be close to Him.

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