How We Love Matters

How We Love Matters

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How we love matters. If there ever was a time in recent history when we need to be reminded of that, it's now.


Because the world, and more specifically the church, is more divided than ever. Some believe in vaccines - others despise them. Some wear masks and judge those that don't, while others refuse masks and judge those that do. Some believe in systemic racism and fight to the death against it. Others refuse to acknowledge racism exists and fight to the death to prove it. A lot of us exist only to prove our worldview to the detriment of our relationships, our sanity, and our witness.

But what about love? Are we thriving in that area? Are we pursuing it at all anymore? You see, it really is the only thing that matters in the end. God is pleased when his children love each other well.

This is what Paul is talking about in the thirteenth chapter of Corinthians. Paul acknowledges the church of Corinth is thriving in many spiritual areas, but it lacks in the most important one, love. And Paul writes to tell them that in the end, without love, none of it matters. They could tell the greatest prophecies, but without love, it didn’t matter. They could have the most audacious faith, but without love, it didn’t matter. They could even be the most generous people in the world, but without love, Paul said none of it matters.

What about love?

If love truly is the “greatest of these,” why don't we live like it? Why is it not at the front and tail end of every hard conversation, every fractured relationship, and every difference of opinion? Have we forgotten what love looks like?

Here’s the deal, love is not ambiguous.

Love does have a standard and it is defined by only one Being, the God of heaven and earth. Paul lays it out for us right there in 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.

What if, in every conversation, we led with patience, demonstrated kindness, saw the best in people, protected each other, and embraced each other with humility, forgiveness, and peace? How would that change the world? Or rather, how would that change us? It starts with us as individuals.

Friends, we are all tired. We all know a change needs to happen, so let it start with us. We need to love the way Jesus teaches. We cannot shy away from necessary hard work and stretching, but we must advance towards change with the love and grace that He has so lavishly given to us.

And may we do it for His glory. Amen.

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How We Love Matters

How do we pull our world back together when everything seems to be pulling apart? This Plan encourages us to learn about and lean into loving each other well in a world that is full of hate and dissension. Embracing what...

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