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Happily Ever After: Devotions from Time of GraceSample

Happily Ever After: Devotions from Time of Grace

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“And they lived happily ever after.” Okay, okay, I know that only fairy tales end like that. But ask yourself--why do stories like Cinderella and Snow White have such staying power? They were retold for centuries even before Disney turned them into animated feature-length films.

I think it’s because we resonate with so much in them. We like the main characters because of their happy, humble spirits. We groan with them as they suffer abuse at the hands of others. We root for them as they struggle against the odds. And our hearts feel happy when true love wins out in the end.

Nobody begins a dating relationship planning on an ugly breakup. Nobody gets married thinking about a lengthy and messy divorce. Everybody dreams of a “happily ever after.”

We, however, have to live in a sinful and broken world. Stuff happens. But God loves us and grieves when we struggle. In his Word he provides comfort for wounded hearts, guidance for times of tough decisions, and a beautiful template for those contemplating marriage.

Ready for the adventure? Come on in.
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Happily Ever After: Devotions from Time of Grace

Marriage is an amazing gift from God, but it is also hard. Many marriages struggle - partners either don’t know how to treat each other or they know and don't want to change. These devotions, one for each day of your mon...


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