From This Day Forward

The Bible shows us that there are three types of fun every married couple must enjoy. The first is to spend time face-to-face talking with each other. Remember those days when you would stay up to 2:00am talking? Strive to bring back that type of conversation. Don't spend your time always talking about your busy schedules, things to do, and frustrations. Talk about the things that are most important in your lives and marriage. Compliment each other and build each other up with your words. Express your love through words like we find in the Song of Solomon.

Talk: Talk about how you felt the first time you met your spouse and share with them the reasons why you fell in love with them.

Pray: Thank God for the qualities you love most about your spouse. Pray that God will continue to develop those qualities even more.

Do: Play a game together today and enjoy a time of conversation as you play.