Learning From Jesus, the Most Gracious Host

Learning From Jesus, the Most Gracious Host

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Jesus Accepted Invitations

As you read about Jesus’s ministry in the gospel accounts, you’ll find that He spent a lot of time traveling, preaching, healing, and praying. But He also spent a lot of time accepting invitations from the people He met along the way. He visited friends like Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, and even invited Himself over to Zacchaeus’s house! But Jesus also wanted to dine with people who disagreed with Him, going so far as to eat in the homes of Pharisees like Simon (Luke 7). For Jesus, breaking bread was not only about spending time with people He had a lot in common with, He also modeled how true relationship is about crossing boundaries and making time for all, including His enemies.

Jesus knew there was something significant about what happened around the table. He knew that a simple act of hospitality created the perfect platform for emotional, relational, and spiritual transactions. For Jesus, the table was a primary platform for ministry, not because He was a foodie but because He was a people person. The meal He partook in at Simon’s home turned out to be memorable for many reasons (for example, when the woman came in and washed His feet with her tears and hair!), but He made eternal connections that day. Next time we have the opportunity to accept or extend an invitation, may we do so with the mindset that each interaction with another soul is a chance to glorify our Lord and Savior.

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Learning From Jesus, the Most Gracious Host

If you’re a follower of Christ, you may have noticed that many of His miracles, parables, and, most important, teaching moments took place over a shared meal. Jesus reminded us that a powerful connection could be made wh...

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