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The Campfire Is CallingSample

The Campfire Is Calling

DAY 1 OF 10

Sit, Crackle, and Pop

Let the wise listen and add to their learning.


Sitting around a campfire is one of the simplest ways to draw out our deep-seated desire to slow down, reflect, and listen. The crackle and pop of the wood has a mesmerizing effect that keeps us still and thoughtful. It goes with the flicker of the flames perfectly, creating an experience our senses want to return to again and again. A whisper from God is worth a thousand sermons, isn’t it?

It happens when we create a space to listen for a moment and hear what our hearts need to hear to carry us through this battered world. We serve an attentive and personal God who loves every part of us and knows the encouragement we need and when we need it most. Our busy days can become barriers to being still. They distract us from listening to God, and before we know it, we get to the point of feeling discouraged without really knowing why.

Wisdom tells us to listen and to remind ourselves of the unfailing love of our unchanging God. He’s with us at all times, and He’s ready to speak the words that will teach us and tell us we’re loved completely and without condition. Love pours in and insecurities are pushed out. The key is to keep listening and letting love in—as often as we can. Our spirits are wholly bound to God’s, and we need to spend time with Him in order to live in the fullness He wants for us!

We can’t let the cares of this world put cracks in the trust, peace, and joy we’ve been given in Him. It’s good to plan more time to sit and listen, not only to the crack and pop of firewood but to the loving whispers of our faithful Father.

Dear Father, I want my spirit to be able to listen closely and hear clearly. Remind me to make time for You, to allow love and wisdom to encourage and guide me.


Day 2

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