Between Calamity & Calling

Between Calamity & Calling

DAY 1 OF 6


Do you ever feel like the problems of life are never-ending? Do you ever feel like you are constantly wading upstream through disappointments, betrayals, hurts, pressures, setbacks or just never-ending admin lists? Do you ever feel like you have lost sight of the truth amidst all the tensions of life around you?

So how do we hold tensions and truths with both hands and not give up on the race set before us?

Hebrews 12:1-2 tells us to run this race of life with endurance and that we fix our eyes on Jesus. Therefore, I believe it is appropriate to consider how Jesus dealt with the calamities of life while remaining faithful to His calling. As human beings, our instinct is to hold onto control and power, especially when feeling powerless—to stay in the driving seat of life. However, Jesus shows us a different way. Even though Jesus is fully human and fully God, when He came to earth He willingly gave up His divine privileges. He humbled Himself in obedience to His Father - Philippians 2:6-8. His obedience to the Father is a crucial starting point for us to model our lives after.

Jesus is also known as the second Adam. While the first Adam sought after equality with God, Jesus, the second Adam gave it up. The key is that Jesus shows us what it means to live a life in surrender to the Father.


  • What do you tend to do when feeling powerless over circumstances that might trigger you?
  • How do you process tensions around you when feeling hopeless to do anything about them?


Lord, help me fix my eyes on you and learn from you, so I finish this race well.

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Between Calamity & Calling

The Bible says we are all called to be disciples. How do we live in the fullness of that calling without the calamities around us leading us to despair? How do we stay hopeful in a world filled with so much hurt? This ...

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