Discover Your Role In God's Mission

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading

"God’s Heart"

The more we see God’s love from scripture, the more we see His heart for all the peoples of the world. From the first page to the last of the Bible, God has revealed His heart and His plan for all people. He has called and equipped you to be a part of His mission of salvation. A salvation bought by the blood of Jesus and a plan that involves us all to play a part.

As you read through the different scriptures in the next seven days, we pray that your heart will be moved to follow after God’s heart. We pray that you will see how God is a missionary God who desires to use His Church to help pray, send, and go. We pray that you will see how you can partner with the Holy Spirit to help change the eternal destiny of whole people groups. (A people group is a cultural or language group which does not have any or enough Christians to reach their own people.)

Please pray, read the verses, think about, and ask God how you might play a part in blessing all nations.