Lessons From History.

Lessons From History.

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Recognized by the music we play

By Rev. Kenley Mann

Felix Mendelssohn, the great composer and organist, was taking a tour of European cathedrals. During one church visit, an organist was practicing for Sunday’s services. Mendelssohn asked the organist if he could play. The organist was very reluctant, but Mendelssohn wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. As Mendelssohn played the organ, beautiful music filled the cathedral. Until that point, the organist didn’t recognize Mendelssohn.

As you go around meeting people, you don’t wear a sign across your chest that says, “I’m a Christian.” People recognize you are Christian by your attitude, your actions, your words, the music you play, etc.

James gives two compositions that are beautiful music unto the Lord: to look upon orphans and widows in their affliction to help them and to keep oneself unstained by the world. These actions show a concern for others that reflects God’s character.

He continues to care for us as His children, so we will be filled with His music and perform it with our lives. He will fill us with such a spirit as that of Mendelssohn so that, yes, people will recognize us by the beautiful music we play.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for adopting us as your own. We praise you for uniting us to you as our Bridegroom by faith. Continue to fill us with your Spirit so we may make beautiful music with actions that allow those around us to recognize and praise you. Amen.


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Lessons From History.

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