[Kainos] Continued Greatness

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Invitation Extended

Are you one of those people who get nervous when someone at church starts talking about giving? And not only when they talk about money, but also about giving time, giving your life to the service of the Lord. Whenever we talk about new projects, initiatives, giving, and those sorts of things, many people tend to pull back and say: “I do not know. How is all of this going to involve me? I am not sure about this.”

As believers in Christ, we must be aware that those reactions come from our flesh, our old self. Our new self is always ready to say: “How can I be a part of the things that God is doing?” That desire is rooted in our hearts. Whenever we hear of the things that God is doing through other people, our spiritual hearts beat a little bit faster and say, “I want to be a part of that. I want to see God’s kingdom built. I want to see lives changed.”

An invitation is extended to each of us to be part of the things of God. However, we must fight our flesh from pulling back and not wanting to get involved. This is when we need to lean in. God has given us a new heart, a new disposition. He has given us new desires by the new Spirit that is within us because we are a new creation in Christ. We have a new purpose in our lives: to be part of building the kingdom of God on Earth in whatever way we find possible.

David invited all the people of Israel to build the Lord’s Temple in 1 Chronicles 29. We, too, are invited to build something great for the Lord God, not for ourselves. We were made for more than watching. Having a new house or a new car is great, but those things will not suffice to fill our hearts. The exciting things of life are when we build something for God, not ourselves.

We need to start building our lives, families, and children for the Lord, for they will make their own gift to the Lord.

Accept the invitation to continue building the kingdom of God at your local church and wherever you find yourself. Know that you are building something for God, not for humans, that will endure from generation to generation. What an amazing thing it is to be able to give to the kingdom of God!