Capacity: Student Leadership

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Ephesians 2:10
Even before you were born, God had a purpose and a plan for your life. You had value and worth in Him even before you did anything. He wants to use you to accomplish that purpose and plan for your life. Start to discover what God made you do. What are you passionate about in life? What excites you? That can be a sign pointing to what God intends you to do with your life.

Acts 9:1-15
Saul had this terrible past. He dedicated his life to persecuting Christians. But God had a plan for his life. God ended up using Saul, who became Paul, to spread the message of Jesus and is credited with writing half of the New Testament.

Know that your past doesn’t disqualify you from God using you in incredible ways. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, what you’ve done, or who you were; God can and will use you. So what are some things that you are holding on to from your past? Let them go and let God move.