Eliminating The Noise

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As a sports official, our jobs require us to zone in and focus on each and every play. We talk often about seeing the whole play and making decisions instead of reacting. Many times off the court, field, or pitch we try to just keep pushing, keep going, and instead of zoning in we just zone out…we deserve and NEED the rest. Many times we turn to our cell phone, hotel tv, or a podcast when what would truly refresh us is time with Jesus. Instead of stopping and resting when we have opportunities, we mask it with things that are not life giving.

Corrie Ten Boom said “If the devil can’t make us bad, he will make us busy.”

What I’ve realized is that busyness will lead to sin if we don’t turn to Jesus and take the time to rest IN HIM as Matthew 11:28-30 talks about. His yoke is EASY, His burden is light. That’s been my challenge in the heat of each season and I’m guessing it might be yours too. Not giving Him our attention when we need to most. Stop masking the loneliness, emptiness, and tiredness and drink from the well of Living Water Jesus Christ.


Reflecting Questions

What in the busyness of your season prevents you from coming to Jesus?

What ways specifically can you rest in Him even when things are chaotic around you?