Living The Christian Life Of Obedience

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It was fun to be in our uncle’s home during summer holidays. As teenagers, we loved to go there each summer. The countryside has a charm that attracts youngsters. Uncle Prakash owned farms and also grew chicks in the backyard of his home.

During one summer we watched a hen with ten chicks walking around. The hen used to signal the chicks by making different notes. They gathered together as the mother hen would uncover the soil and expose earthworms and other insects for the chicks to feast. Sometimes mother hen warns the chicks of danger and chicks would rush and hide under her wings.

As we watched, we found one of the chicks was lazy and delayed in its response to mother’s guidance. Suddenly, there was a danger of a vulture hovering over the area. Nine chicks rushed to safety, while the tenth one was exposed and the vulture swooped it off for its breakfast. Disobedience brought death for the little chick.

Observe the commands of the Lord your God, walking in obedience to him and revering him. (Deut 8:6)

Christian life is a life of obedience. Obedience should be Voluntary that it is choice by operating our faculty of Freewill. It is not thrust by anyone outside. Christian obedience is willing obedience. It means to involve our whole being in obedience, i.e., body, soul, and spirit.

One girl responded to her father saying: “I am sitting physically; however, mentally I am still standing.” Obedience also should be cheerful, passionate, and joyful. For some it is not cheerful but ‘tearful.' Christian obedience should be spontaneous for ‘Delayed obedience is disobedience.’

Each Christian should obey all the explicit commandments in the Bible like Ten Commandments. As we meditate the Word of God, God helps us to discover new truths that are relevant for day-to-day life.

Plan of Action
List the truths you discovered in the last one week, and check how many of them you obeyed.