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Setting the Standard

Devotional Content:

Far too many couples place the bar precariously low when choosing their standard for what they expect in marriage. This sets them up for failure. Popular acceptance of divorce as an “easy out,” prenuptial agreements, lack of preparation before marriage, fear of commitment, and disregard for God’s plan for marriage are all among the many things that help to lower the standard for marriage and fill this world with more and more divorces. When couples arbitrarily choose how far they will carry their marriage commitments, they lower the standard for their marriage.

Marriage is such a serious, binding relationship between a man and a woman, and every married couple who desires a lasting commitment must set a high standard for their marriage that is in line with God’s design for marriage. God intended marriage to be a gift to us and something that we should cherish. But this gift is not to be taken lightly. Marriage begins with a commitment to God and another person. It is not a commitment for an hour, a day, a month, or a few years. It is a commitment for life. Raising the standard for marriage is agreeing to give 100 percent to your marriage. It is saying that you will go through all that life brings your way—together. It is saying that the three of you are committed—you, your spouse, and God. It is having a no-quit attitude. It is being willing to fight for your marriage. If you can raise the bar and aim high for God’s plan for your marriage, the chances of your having a successful marriage are great.

Today’s Challenge:

The highest standard for your marriage has already been set by God; reaffirm your commitment to that as your standard today!

Going deeper:

1. Which of these do you think lower the standard of commitment to marriage? (circle your choices):

2. How would you define “setting a high standard” for marriage?

3. Name three things you can do to show a 100% commitment to your marriage.

4. How can you bring God and His plan for marriage into your life together?

5. What is the difference in "fighting in your marriage" and "fighting for your marriage."


  • Popular acceptance of divorce
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Lack of preparation before marriage
  • Fear of commitment
  • Disregarding God’s plan for marriage
  • Take your marriage to a whole new level with the ‘30 Day Experiment for Couples’ by Dr. Kim Kimberling. You can get this 30 Day Experiment here: [30 Day Experiment for Couples]