Overcoming Loneliness

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Connections and Courage

Loneliness is a sense of sadness or unease due to a lack of meaningful connection with others. It can lead to that sad feeling you get when you haven’t connected with your friends in a while. It can lead to that emptiness you feel when you go a long time without talking about things that truly matter. It can lead to the pain that comes from feeling no one knows the real you.

A lack of relationships doesn’t cause loneliness; a lack of meaningful connection causes it. A verse that is a perfect example to illustrate this is Proverbs 18:24. It says, “A man of too many friends comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” As good as it feels to have many friends who know our name, that doesn’t prevent loneliness. We need meaningful connections.

Have you ever gone through a whole week but felt like nobody knew how you were doing? You talked to a ton of people, but you still felt lonely? Maybe you talked about work or the latest series on Netflix. Those topics are not necessarily likely to lead to meaningful connections.

So, how do you overcome loneliness and have a meaningful connection? Start by reaching out to a friend; ask how they are doing. This takes courage and perseverance, but give it a try. Loneliness begins to go away when we move towards connection with Jesus and others. Tell friends and family how you are doing. Share your passions, life questions, and hardships, and ask about theirs. We need each other. Jesus did not intend for you to experience loneliness. He created you to experience a deep and meaningful connection with Him and others and be satisfied.

Jesus, You know how lonely I feel. Help me be honest with myself and others and be intentional in seeking meaningful relationships.