The Good Life


In Paul’s day, purple cloth was a popular and expensive item. Lydia, a woman who worked in Philippi, sold purple cloth and had become quite wealthy. Lydia believed when Paul and his traveling missionaries came to Philippi and shared about Jesus. She responded: “If you consider me a believer in the Lord . . . come and stay at my house” (Acts 16:15). God had given her a house, and right after she became a follower of Jesus, she started using it for Kingdom work. Lydia’s house likely became the church in Philippi. People were worshiping and learning about God right amongst her candlesticks and serveware. The church grew amid the wealth God gave Lydia. Like Lydia, every single thing we have has been given to us by God. Also, like Lydia, everything we have can be used for His good and His glory. Sofas can be holy ground and home-cooked meals catalysts for conversation and growth in godliness. And all of a sudden, things aren’t just things. If God has given you anything, start to ask yourself: “How can I use this thing God has given me for His good and glory?” Lydia’s home became holy ground. We can all do the same with what God has given us.