Spend Christmas Together


Putting P.E.A.C.E together

In my opinion, the number one toy of all time is Legos™.

There are endless possibilities of what you can build. Countless hours of creating. Not to mention the opportunity to work together on a project and bring it to completion.

Legos™ are incredible, but one thing about Legos™ is that by themselves they are utterly useless, if not downright dangerous! (I’ll let Tim Hawkins explain in this funny video!)

The author of Hebrews gives clear instruction to his audience to, “not give up meeting together.” Sometimes I think we get a misguided understanding of what it means to be the community Jesus intended for us to be. We think if we go to “church” over the weekend, then we can check our “church” box for the week and not think about community anymore.

There is one problem with that line of thinking. We don’t simply go to church; we are the church. The church isn’t a worship service every weekend, rather the service is an expression of the community that is truly the church. When Jesus established the church, what He was really establishing was a community of people, not a designated time to gather.

I don’t know if you noticed, but the titles from each of the last five days spell the acronym P.E.A.C.E.

P - Pursue Peace
E - Empathy Follows Focus
A - Appreciating the King
C - Cooperation is Being Better Together
E - Entrust in What Matters

The important theme running through all these elements of peace is that they’re all to be done together in community. If you really want God to work in your life during this time of preparation, then it is going to take spending some time together with others this Christmas.