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Showing Hospitality

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THE PRACTICE OF HOSPITALITY TALKING TO GOD Thank God for the ways in which He cares for you. DIVING IN Describe the different rooms in a nice hotel. Don't forget kitchens and restaurants, suites, lounges, laundry rooms — even pools and gift shops. Discuss the many things that are continually happening at a hotel. GOING DEEPER Despite all the different things that go on at a fancy hotel, they're all a part of accomplishing one, central focus: caring for people. Similarly, our homes have a lot of different rooms and a lot of different activities going on. And yet there is one central purpose: providing a place to care for people. In Romans 12:13, the Bible teaches us to share with those in need and to practice hospitality. And when we open our homes to others — just like a nice hotel cares for guests — we're practicing hospitality. TALKING TO EACH OTHER - What's something that would help you feel welcome or cared for if you stayed in a nice hotel? - When people come to your house, what can you do to care for them?


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Showing Hospitality

Sharing isn’t exactly easy for children (or adults, for that matter). In this four-day study, your family will begin to view your “stuff”—from the extra space in your home to your children’s favorite toys—as gifts from G...


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