Hospitality: A Study in 3 John

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What does it say?

John opens his letter by commending Gaius' faithfulness to hold fast to the truth.

What does it mean?

As a pastor, John knew both the joys and pains of shepherding a flock. His letters encourage the church to hold fast to the truth, discern against false teachers, and walk in the love God has lavished on them through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Like a good parent, John rejoices when he sees men and women in his flock flourishing in the gospel. Despite Gaius' opposition, John is still elated at his faithfulness to hold fast to the truth. Those who are committed to shepherding know the incredibly joy that comes when they see God's people walking in the truth.

How should I respond?

Although not all believers are called to be vocational pastors or church elders, all believers are called to encourage and push one another towards truth. We often miss out on incredible joy because we choose to stay disconnected from other believer's lives. Who is God calling you to encourage in the truth? Take some time to write down some names and pray over them. While you may not see results for weeks, months, or even years, when others start walking in the truth you will experience an incredible joy!