Know Me—Release the Lie and Embrace God.

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Release the lie and embrace God.

A note to the listener: Watch the encouraging video first, and then reflect using the in-depth devotional below. Tap the play button to hear Wendy read the devotional to you!

Friend, over the next few days, my prayer is for you to hear a deep and personal invitation from Jesus—to know Him and to make Him known. Across the pages of Scripture, we can hear God’s heartbeat resounding:

“Come know me. Daughter, I see you and want you to see the real Me.”

But with an enemy called the father of lies, it’s no wonder our mental image of God drifts so far from reality. John opens up his Gospel with the sad truth that “He came into the very world He created, but the world didn’t recognize Him.”

Isaiah reminds us there was nothing beautiful or majestic about His appearance—nothing on the outside to attract us to Him. But, we can know the purest beauty beating just inside His chest:

Not harsh—but gentle.
Not cold and distant—but the Comforter who draws us near.
Not an angry taskmaster—but the One who gives us true rest.

Can you imagine a world where every last sister, daughter, and mother intimately knew the Living God? Knew His gentleness, His comfort, His rest? Can you feel how strongly the Father desires it? Maybe you even feel His desire for YOU to know Him afresh. Have the demands of life and all the bumps and bruises along the way knocked Him out of focus for you? It happens to all of us!

Let God reveal His heart to you. If you let Him, He’s faithful to do it! This week, let Him know you. Let Him search your heart and peel away any lies that have tainted your image of Him.

Watching kids can teach us a lot about our posture towards God. Most kids are not very good liars. It’s easy to tell who little kids trust and love by watching who they most eagerly embrace. When guests come over, they run to the arms of the one who clearly loves them.

What about you—are you eager to embrace God? Or maybe some subtle lies have crept in, creating distance and coolness towards Him? Do you feel hesitant to run to Him? I pray you would let Him recover your sight. As you receive every good thing He offers, share His goodness with the women in your life.