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Living Fearless by Jamie WinshipSample

Living Fearless by Jamie Winship

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As I rookie police officer back in 1983, I spent fifty weeks of four-day, ten-hour shifts with the first real disciple of my life. The Troll, as he was unaffectionately known by all police rookies, was one of the most feared training officers in the police department. Although the Troll was not a Christ-follower, he understood the art of discipleship better than anyone I had met previously. The first question the Troll would ask me at the beginning of a shift was, “Are you sure you want to stay with me?”

I always felt as if this was the question Jesus Himself would have asked me if He were my field training officer. “Are you going to stay, remain, dwell, continue, abide in and with me today?” Jesus didn’t preach formulaic, chapter-and-verse sermons to His followers. He didn’t lead others through a linear outline of propositional truth points. He spent time with His disciples, asking a lot of questions and telling a lot of stories—stories that we are still trying to understand today.

After every single shift, when I had left the presence of the Troll, my wife asked, “How was your shift?” My answer was often, “I don’t think I’m going to make it. The Troll is making my life miserable. Why keep trying?”

Why didn’t the Twelve leave Jesus? It wasn’t as if Jesus was guaranteeing them a happy, quiet, prosperity-filled life of leisure and comfort. He was leading them straight into their deepest, darkest fears. So, what made them stay?

Peter’s response to Jesus’s challenge is stunning: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You [alone] have the words of eternal life. We have believed and confidently trusted, and we have come to know You are the Holy One of God, the Christ, the Son of the living God” (John 6:68–69).

Peter explains his relationship with Jesus as divinely initiated, a covenantal relationship, the benefits of which are quite one-sided. Jesus alone has the words of eternal life, and Jesus is the only hope because Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Peter’s part was to receive.

This abiding, life union with Jesus is available to us today and includes all the fullness of the Godhead; spiritual fruitfulness; the fullness of the words, love, and joy of the Father; answered prayer; and the glory and honor of God. I ask again, who would want to leave that relationship?

Where do your fears invite you to turn? Do you fear turning to God?

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Living Fearless by Jamie Winship

God still speaks. What is God saying about Himself, you, and all the others He created and loves? After decades of living and working in conflict zones, Jamie Winship discovered an important truth: human conflict origina...


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