Moments for Mums: Created to Be Creative - Part 1

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


Have you heard of the sand nest the puffer fish constructs? Or the colourful nest of the bower bird? They are truly amazing. And God has equipped other creatures with what appear to be creative skills. But… they are merely following their instincts.

God has created us to be like him in lots of ways. One way in which we are like God is that we are creative.

Unlike the cuckoo shrike, we can compose our own music.

Unlike the puffer fish, we can carve a statue, or design a palace.

Unlike the lyrebird, we can write our own words.

Not only can we create beautiful things, but somehow God has made our eyes and brains to appreciate beauty, for beauty’s sake. Oh, I’m so grateful for these things.

What things in God’s creation inspire you? Next time you see those things, stop and thank God.

Lord, if I weren’t already a believer, it is Your amazing creation that would bring me to you. I’m so grateful for the creative abilities you have given me, as I am made in your image. Amen.