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Who Is Jesus To You?

This one question has divided hearts and minds for over 2000 years. Who is Jesus? Was He real or simply a story? Did the creator become His creation and walk the streets of first-century Israel? If God became man, why? It sounds rather ungodly!

In order to better understand Jesus, we need to travel to the start of the story – creation. In Genesis we read that God created man in His own image, to be representatives of Him on this earth and rule and reign as He would. Man had other plans and decided to go his own way and redefine good and evil. This rebellion brought separation between man and God, resulting in sin entering creation and God’s good earth thrown into chaos. Since then, God in His divine love and mercy chose to reconcile man back to Himself. First through one man, Abraham; then through a nation, Israel (Abraham’s descendants) who received instructions on right living through Moses and the Law. However, as sin within man was so great, each redemption mechanism was corrupted and all failed to a degree.

God, in an unthinkable act of love, sent His own son Jesus into this failing redemptive plot, to live as the perfect example of redeemed humanity, and to die in our place, because the wage of sin is death. Because Jesus had no sin, yet paid the price for it, He was able to overcome its consequences and defeat the power it exerted over humanity once and for all. This act of love and willing sacrifice by Jesus provides all men and woman who call on His name access and intimacy with God our heavenly Father! In the end, this question remains: ‘Who is Jesus?’ or more precisely ‘Who is Jesus to you?’


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