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The Gospel Connections

Gospel Connections

Gospel Connections are the links between a biblical story and the gospel of Jesus. Review the Gospel Connections below and learn how to find Jesus in every story of the Bible.

Gospel Connection 1

1. As a boy who cannot yet fill out the armor of a man, David is still uniquely associated with his mother. He represents the seed of the woman.

1. Jesus is the Seed of the Woman who was foretold in Genesis 3:15.

Gospel Connection 2

2. Goliath of Gath comes out to the battlefield dressed in bronze, scale armor that looks like a serpent's skin. The Bible repeatedly tells us Goliath's armor was bronze, because the Hebrew word bronze (nahoshet) sounds like the Hebrew word for serpent (nahash). Goliath therefore represents the seed of the serpent, who harbors a lethal enmity against David.

2. Satan, the serpent of old, harbored a lethal enmity against Jesus.

Gospel Connection 3

3. The battle between David and Goliath is a reenactment of the prophecy of Genesis 3:15. Precisely according to prophecy, David crushes the head of the serpent with the stone from his slingshot and then decapitates him with his own sword.

3. The battle between Jesus and the serpent, which took place on the cross, represents the final fulfillment of the prophecy of Genesis 3:15. On the cross, the serpent bruised Jesus in the heel, but Jesus, the Son of David, crushed the head of the serpent for all time.

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