Unpreferred: A Journey to Discovering You Are God's Plan A

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Sarah was chatting with other new moms at a staff picnic when she realized they all received congratulatory gifts except for her. The organization typically gave diapers to staff, and their spouses were included. Sarah's husband was on staff, so why didn't she receive a gift when their baby was born? The feeling of being forgotten wedged deeper, and she felt unpreferred. Discouraged, Sarah turned to prayer, asking God to help her navigate feeling overlooked. As she knelt quietly, a thought flashed: Her baby was almost seven months old, and Sarah had never purchased a single diaper on her own dime. God had provided boxes of disposable diapers through family and friends for months. Sarah realized that although she felt forgotten, she was seen by God.

Maybe like Sarah, you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are forgotten or get the leftovers of life. Single with no prospects, while your friends have no problem finding the one. Qualified but blatantly passed over for a promotion. Or walking through the disappointment of a broken relationship because your spouse or fiancé preferred someone or something else than the life you would have shared together. The experiences may differ, but the feeling of being unpreferred is the same and often brings emotional turmoil.

In today's guiding scripture, Leah ends up in an unexpected marriage through trickery. Her husband, Jacob, ends up with two wives; Leah and her sister Rachel. Jacob's love and attention are all for Rachel, and Leah feels unloved and unwanted. God saw she was unloved and enabled her to have children as a way to communicate, "I see you, and I am with you." God took notice of Leah's pain in feeling unpreferred and made her fruitful.

Beloved, although it appears you are unpreferred, God sees you, just like He saw Leah and Sarah. When you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are unpreferred, know that God will bring relief to your pain. There are likely areas in which God is blessing you and making you productive and prosperous or showering His provision.

Think of a situation in which you feel unpreferred. Ask God to reveal how He has blessed you in other areas. You may be surprised as you start to notice God's blessings in your life.

God sees you. You are His preferred.