True But Fake Passages: Devotions From Time Of Grace

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“This too shall pass”

One disadvantage of Hollywood movies and historical novels based on Bible stories is that most viewers and readers can’t tell for sure what is biblical and what comes from scriptwriters. In the "Passion of the Christ," for instance, the writers have Jesus the carpenter inventing modern tall chairs and tables at a time when people were used to reclining around a low table. Cute thought, but--not in the Bible.

There are some very popular proverbial phrases in English that many people assume come from Scripture but in fact do not. One of my favorites is “this too shall pass.” Its origin is probably from tales of medieval Persian poets, in one of which it was inscribed on a ring, “guaranteed to make a happy man sad and a sad man happy.” It is a comfort to know that times of stress and misery will not last.

The wording may not be biblical, but the concept is. Human life as we know it is changing constantly and soon enough will come to a halt on the day of judgment. In all this chaos and change, however, our Lord Jesus wants us to be sure of one important constant: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” (Matthew 24:35). Jesus’ words assure us of his love for us, his incredible gift of forgiveness, and the promise of immortality with him.

Life in heaven is forever.