Will God Judge Me?


God is king, lawgiver, and judge

“For the Lord is our judge,

The Lord is our lawgiver,

The Lord is our king” (Isaiah 33:22)

The Lord God is King over all the earth. As “our lawgiver”, He defines good and evil and sets the rules. He is also keeping people accountable for obeying these laws and rules, and is therefore called “our judge”.

Many countries have a political system where a parliament or congress makes laws and delegates officials with the authority to enforce those laws by judging and punishing citizens who disobey the regulations. This system is to maintain a balance of power since history has shown that there is a high risk of power abuse if one person has all authority.

But with God, it’s different. He is the ultimate Ruler who has all authority on earth and in heaven. He is absolutely righteous and will never abuse His power. He defines His laws and judges all people according to these laws; He is both lawgiver and judge.

If you obey the Lord, it is comforting to know that He is ruling the world righteously and will not clear the guilty. If you disobey Him, the Bible warns you that harsh judgment will come.

Over the coming days, please read with us to learn more about God’s judgment and find out why it’s so good that He is the ultimate Judge.