[Run to Win] Finishing Well

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Reaching Forward

In the ancient Greek games, the races were on a long straight track. The competitors could not see the finish line from the starting line, so the game officials placed posts at the end to give the runners something to focus on.

Paul presented a stunning visual image to the church at Philippi. That was the figure of a runner stretching forward toward the end of the race focused on the goal—the finish line. Anyone in this church who had ever witnessed a foot race would be well versed in this image.

Paul’s singular focus was the same as a runner’s in a race—the finish line.

Paul described himself as a runner, clearing everything out of his mind except his focus on the end goal. The runner does not look right or left or behind to see where the other runners are but instead looks straight ahead.

Paul also stated that he had not yet perfected, attained, or apprehended—all words that said he was still striving, working, training, and practicing to run the best race possible for Christ. His call to the Christian was to do the same.

Do not let your past mistakes, failures, or even your guilt keep you from being focused on the finish line; the goal is to know Christ. Is that your goal?

Lord, help me stay focused on being more like You in thought, word, deed, and my play as an athlete. Let my relationship with You be reflected in all I do and say and how I play my sport. Thank You.