Returning to Your First Love


Jesus Calls Us to Keep Our Passion Until His Return

Today, we are to live in perpetual first love because, until the day He comes, we await the glorious wedding day with the same focus and tenacity that a young, betrothed woman awaits her wedding day. To grow weary in fervent desire would be like a bride showing up to the altar and confessing that she got tired of waiting.

As a corporate, lovesick, intercessory cry arises from the end-time Church to Jesus, the One seated on the throne will behold His Bride, His inheritance in the saints who are from every tongue and tribe. The Bride will be loving and worshiping Him with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength—just as His great command prophesied would come forth in His people.

The Lord Jesus, so indescribably moved over the love and worship of His beloved Bride, will issue a cry coming forth from His divine heart, so moved by the love of His people: “Father! She is ready! How she loves Me! How she has responded to My love and My grace. Isn’t she lovely? The very love that You have for Me is in them. Father, can I go to them?” And the Father, overjoyed in pleasure over the beauty of His sons and daughters, this inheritance that He was so jealous to bring forth for His worthy Son—now prepared and made ready as a suitable partner for Him—will say, “It is time.”

Jesus never starts a fire and walks away. He never awakens desire without tending to its flame. Wherever He finds in us even a smoldering wick of sincere love, He blows upon the embers—unwilling for it to be quenched. With a zeal that never wanes and a faithfulness older than the stars, He stands poised and ready to give the willing heart every grace and to fan our love into full fire again, and forever. He is the Keeper of the flame. He is the Author, Restorer, and Preserver of our first love as we respond to Him.

Questions to Ponder: How can you maintain the passion you had for Jesus at the beginning of your relationship with Him—until He comes again? How will the Lord help you in this effort?

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