Your New Purpose, Calling, and Assignment

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PURPOSE: the “why” behind our lives; the reason we were created; the original intent for our lives.

As children of God, our purpose on the earth is to bear the image of Jesus. We are new creations in Christ and, therefore, have the nature of God, which is love. We are continually being renewed into the likeness of God. The Bible says that the greatest commandment is to LOVE!

In addition, we were created to shine. To shine is to live a life of faith - being fully convinced in our hearts of the Truth (Jesus, the Word of God, the promises of God, and Heaven). It entails always keeping the perspective of Heaven and living from Heaven’s reality. Everywhere we go, we invite Heaven to shine through us. We exist in this world, but we are not OF the world. We are called to be light in the darkness, never dimming the light within us.

We also exist to glorify God. He called us out of the darkness to experience His light so that we would broadcast His glorious wonders throughout the world. We must do good for others, living our lives for others' benefit even if it’s at our own expense.

How do we remain in our purpose? We continually surrender our lives, agendas, and desires to God. We come boldly to the Father and crucify our flesh daily, taking on our new nature, created to be like God - truly righteous and holy.


  1. Do you feel that you bear the image of Jesus in your daily life?
  2. Does your life look different from those around you, or do you tend to follow the patterns of the world?
  3. Do you tend to live for others’ benefits or your own?