Go therefore and and make disciples of all nations

What does it really mean that Jesus is with us always to the end of the age? There are several ways to answer this question: he´s physically by our side (even though we can’t actually see him), he has given us his Holy Spirit which empowers us and gives us strength. But one answer that might be a bit unusual to us is this: Jesus is with us all of our days through the Bible. We believe that The Holy Spirit is using the Bible to point to and show us Jesus Christ.

That means we have access to a spring of life and power each and every day. Yet I have to admit it doesn’t always feel that way. It’s not like I open my Bible every day and fell this rush of mercy, grace and power hitting me in my face. But my feelings doesn’t change the fact that this is the truth. There’s something about good habits. Our habits have a tendency to change the way we’re thinking.

Imagine what can happen if you let the Bible and a steady reading of it affect the way you’re thinking.