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Focus on the FundamentalsSample

Focus on the Fundamentals

DAY 2 OF 10

We want to be ready for the “big game” or the “battle”, so how do athletes and those in the military prepare? They focus on the fundamentals…over and over again.

Repetition leads to preparation.

The Holy Spirit is a subtle coach, unlike those in sports or a commanding officer in the military. We have leaders and pastors in the church, but no one makes us do the fundamentals of the faith. It would almost be easier if someone was looking over your shoulder telling you what to do, and even though God sees all, He gives us free will.

We want the deeper things of God, yet we often neglect the Christian fundamentals. We need personal motivation to do the things we know are good for us. If we truly see the value in these things, we will commit to putting them into practice.

Think about what you have discipline in… things that no one forces you to do. Things that you do for the joy of doing them.

We all want to have a faith like Job that endures even under intense trials. There is a key in Job’s life pointed out in Job 1:5 that shows how Job would sacrifice early in the morning and pray for his kids: “Thus Job did regularly (KJV).” Before the storm came, Job was faithful, and because of his faithfulness, we see him declare at the end of Job, “My eyes had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:5 NIV). Job survived the storm.

Many times, the storm, and the trials we face, will take us deeper in our walk with Christ… if we allow it to happen. Job had the option—become bitter or better. Job never had his questions answered, and yet he still submitted to God in the end.

Job was also a target of the enemy. Don’t be surprised when the enemy begins to target you. As loud and as vile as Satan and his horde of demon may seem, God is always in control, just as He was with Job.

Satan wants to take out those who are actually affecting his kingdom. If you are on the sidelines, he may not care that much about you. But don’t be in a lukewarm state!

Put on the armor of God to withstand! We will talk more about this in the next few days.

What do you think some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith are?

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Focus on the Fundamentals

How do sports players prepare for the big game? How do those in the military stay ready for war? They focus on the daily disciplines and routines that keep them in a state of readiness. As Christians, we are in a spiritu...


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