Do It Afraid- Choosing Faith in the Midst of Uncertainty

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I used to think that my body's natural ability to tremble and sweat when I had to take a step of faith meant that maybe I was making the wrong decision. I figured the sweating and shaking were a sign that whatever I was trying to accomplish was too big of a step to take. Somehow, I believed that having faith would always look fearless and bold, not sweating like a marathon runner. It wasn't until I read God's word for myself that I began to understand what it meant to have faith.

As I studied, I never read that having faith meant you wouldn't feel any fear. I never read where it said I wouldn't tremble or sweat profusely. I read that faith wasn't a feeling, but a belief, a resolve, an action step taken despite feelings of fear. I also noticed that faith required trust—trust in God, His ways, and His timing. If you're anything like me, you won't always "feel" like having faith. Despite our feelings, we must live by faith.

There are many stories of faith in the bible, more than I can count. Though, as I studied, I found a few stories that had something very similar in common. Each story required that the person trusted that God could do what they asked Him to do. They made their requests and believed. Over the next few days, we will take a journey together and meet the people who "did it afraid" and chose faith amid uncertainty.