The Supernatural

The Supernatural

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Under Attack

This stuff from our Bible reading today is all true. What you see with your eyes isn’t all there is. It's important for us to realize these things are very true and very real. There actually is a dark, evil force in the spiritual realm that is led by Satan.

He wants to steal and kill and destroy us. Satan is so full of pride that he separated himself from God so that he could be in charge and in control. And now he wants us. He wants us to do what he wants. So he tries to get us to do the wrong things.

Once you believe this and accept this, you can begin to fight against it by pressing into God and preparing yourself for spiritual battle.

So identify your battle. Where do you feel like you’re being attacked? Maybe it’s pride or lack of self-confidence. Maybe you don’t feel good enough or like you just don’t measure up. Maybe it’s a struggle with looking at things you shouldn’t. It could be you just have anger or sadness inside that you just can't get rid of.

Identify it and give it over to God so you can begin to fight against it.

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The Supernatural

There’s a realm out there we can’t see, We’re often completely unaware of it. But this realm is very real, one of epic battles for our lives. Angels versus demons. Good versus evil. A place where sin and virtue collide. ...

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