Finding Joy In The Ordinary

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Joy in the Ordinary

It’s hard to imagine what exactly King David was emotionally experiencing in this psalm. It’s believed that when David wrote this, his son Absalom had run him out of the palace in an attempt to force him off the throne. Betrayed by his son, he fled for protection. David felt betrayed, alone, and hurt.

When I read the words of Psalm 4 I feel deeply convicted. David is potentially in hiding while his son and thousands more seek to overthrow him. While he is shut up somewhere in obscurity, those who are against him are down enjoying the plenty of harvest. While he has little, they enjoy much. Yet in all their indulgence, David has more joy in his ordinary.

I'm deeply convicted because those who live for this world find (momentary) enjoyment in their indulgences. Imagine the thrill of spending a day, buying whatever you want. Yet we are supposed to find more joy in our emails, voicemails, meetings, diaper changes, cleaning, and errands than the best day anyone in this world could have.

I believe joy is the beginning for you today. Wherever you might be and whatever you might be up against, find joy. Have the maturity to seek joy in the ordinary and difficult, and believe that God hears you and will make room for you.

Over the next few days, we will explore seasons and barriers to joy. If you're struggling to find that joy today, cry out to God! This is exactly what we see David doing in Psalms 3 and 4; in the midst of one of the most difficult seasons of his life, he cries out to God and has the faith to believe that God will act on his behalf. His joy is the expectation of what God can do in his life. And not only can, but desires to do.