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Real Hope: WearinessSample

Real Hope: Weariness

DAY 1 OF 5

You Are Seen

If you’ve walked with Jesus for any length of time, you would know that having a relationship with God doesn’t equal a stress-free life. If anything, the more we pursue Jesus and His heart, the more the attacks seem to come. It’s a tension many of us walk, wanting to pursue Christ and strengthen our relationship with Him, yet knowing that the enemy will throw everything our way to keep us distracted and away from God’s heart.

The constant attacks and trials can be so exhausting. No amount of sleep, rest, or food can help because this weariness goes beyond that. It’s a weariness that seeps into the deepest parts of our souls. It leaves us bone-tired and heart sore.

But there’s good news amid our weariness; the deepest parts of our soul are not hidden from God! He sees, and He knows our pain and weariness and doubts. And He meets us there with His grace. When we feel broken-hearted or crushed in spirit, He is there to heal our hearts and restore our peace.

God is not put off by our pain or our despair. He doesn’t turn away from us in our weariness but comes towards us with His arms open for us. He sits with us in the darkness. He restores our souls and leads us by quiet waters. He leads us to greener pastures. He holds us and pours out His peace. But we need to run to Him. We need to sit at His feet and let Him pour out His love, peace, and grace. And when we do that, when we rest in Him and let Him love us, our weary soul will be renewed and strengthened and ready for whatever comes next.



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