It Doesn’t Make Sense

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When life doesn’t make sense

Do you have a black belt in planning ahead or a bruised ego from your plans failing? One thing is true. Life goes wrong; plans fail.

During a wedding Jesus attended, something big went wrong. The hosts ran out of wine. In Bible times, wedding celebrations lasted a week. If some heavy drinkers outlasted their welcome . . . well . . . you ran out of wine. Having no wine was a big deal because it was often mixed with polluted water to make the water safer to drink. And everyone needs water!

Jesus has the power to make any problem at any moment of any day go away. Jesus knows all things. He knew the wine at this wedding was running out. Why didn’t he fix it before it ran out? God knows your pain, your problems. Why doesn’t he fix them before they assault your joy?

If Jesus had fixed the wine problem before it happened, those servants, the wedding couple, and his disciples wouldn’t have encountered his power and love. This problem pointed their hearts to him because he intervened and interrupted their pain.

When life fails around you, it’s not the absence of Jesus’ power and love; it’s the opportunity to see them clearly. God allows plans to fail and problems to persist, but he uses them so we can experience his power and encounter his love. The wedding couple had a problem. But they also had a friend who could do something about it. And so do you.