PRICELESS: Respect & Honor

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We start this devotional with a look at chivalry. Chivalry goes far beyond being a “gentleman” and opening doors for women. It was originally a code of conduct adopted by knights in medieval times as a response to the violence and barbarism of the era. That code had far more to do with an individual’s character and heart, as a true man of chivalry protected the rights of the weak and displayed strength, character, and courage.  A chivalrous man was known for his unwavering sense of integrity, loyalty, faith, and willingness to lay down his own personal rights in respect of women.  

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Read Colossians 3:12-14
1. We tend to choose what we wear carefully – making a personal statement to anyone who crosses our path. How can the virtues in verse 12 be like the clothes we wear?
2. How does a guy put on these virtues as if they were clothing?
3. What is your interpretation of the words “bear with each other”? 

Read Romans 15:1 
Here is that “bear with” phrase again! This time with more details. 
1. How do you usually respond to “the failings of the weak”?
2. What kind of weakness do you think Paul had in mind when he used the phrase “the weak”?
3. The opposite of bearing with the failings of the weak is to act in such a way to “please ourselves.” In what way do guys treat girls to please themselves?

Read John 15:12-13 
1. How did Jesus “love” His followers?
2. What indications does this give you about how others should be loved? 

Read 1 Peter 3:7 
1. How is this verse not condescending to girls?
2. Describe what treating girls in an “understanding way” would look like.
3. If one sees the term “weaker vessel” in the sense of a fragile priceless vase (the better interpretation), as opposed to something that is less capable, in what way would that change how a guy might view and treat a girl?
4. How can guys express/display honor to girls without making them feel inferior?
5. What are common ways that guys demonstrate disrespect to girls in our culture?

Young men today need to boldly step forward and treat every individual as they are in God’s eyes: priceless.