Point Man

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“Surrounded but Not Subdued”

At times, God’s people find themselves governed and sur­rounded by the godless. Any government or nation, when it leaves the principles that God has set down in Scripture, can become a prison. Babylon became a prison for Daniel and the exiles. The na­tions that fell to the Nazis in World War II became prisons. The United States is becoming more and more a nation of bureaucracy and endless regulations set by unelected offi­cials and judges, along with tyrannical governors and may­ors who want to close down churches that preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Such a culture that ignores the law and constitution is smothering and claustrophobic. And when the law is ignored, we look around and find that—just as the Lord Jesus indicated in Matthew 24:12—lawlessness is increasing. As a result, we have out­breaks of rioting, looting, and anarchy from sea to shining sea.

So what do we do?

The Lord Jesus Christ has not sounded the retreat; He has instructed us to occupy until He comes (see Luke 19:11-13). We are to serve Him in our work; love our wives; teach, nurture, discipline, and love our children; and be a rock for Christ in our homes and churches.

As Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it, “Faith is a refusal to panic.” God has a plan and He intends to use you in its achievement. It is no accident that you were born in these days or that you are raising children in such a time as this. God has promised to give you the tools and the skill to wage this new kind of battle, and He will fight for you because He is on your side.

God is looking for men who will follow Jesus Christ and burn their ships be­hind them. When He finds those men, He will take extraor­dinary measures to buttress, bolster, and carry them along in His limitless strength: “The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9).

May we be those men! And may He give us the strength to withstand the onslaught of His blessing.

In what ways do you feel that your nation or culture is closing in around you? In light of these circumstances, what does it mean for you, today, to hold fast to Jesus?

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