A Heart of Service

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Faida is a talented guitarist who developed his musical gift and skill as a child at his Compassion centre. “Whenever I remember that Compassion helped to boost my talent in playing guitar, I get full of emotion, and I believe that it was God’s plan for me,” Faida said.

Everyone has unique skill sets, gifts, and talents. God invites us to use them in pleasing Him and serving others in our community. David was a skilled shepherd who was able to protect his sheep from wild animals. With his unique skill and gift, God used David to be the hero who defeated Goliath, bringing glory to God and rescuing His people.

Sharpening our skills and growing in our gifts is an act of love. When we do this we show love to God, who blessed us with them, and we show love to others by offering our best to them. Today, Faida is a Compassion graduate who has set up an online music school and has taught over 200 students. Just like Faida, we can also expand our skillset to benefit others and, in turn, make us great stewards of our blessings from God.

What are your gifts and skills? How can you use them to love others today?

Lord, help me to identify my gifts and talents, so I can bless You and serve others. Amen.