Easter Is for You


Palm Sunday

On this day Jesus asked his disciples to get him a donkey to ride into Jerusalem, this was to fulfill the scriptures of Zechariah 9:9. Crowds gathered around him with palm branches, this is the reason we call this day Palm Sunday, shouting Hosana which means praise, adoration, even savior. Though later these same people would be shouting crucify him.

Palm branches are a symbol of victory, eventually this would symbolize Jesus’ victory over sin and death only 7 days later but he had a long journey before that day came. In Luke’s account of this day, he says that Jesus wept over the city. Jesus longed for all people to know the peace that he offered but knew that they were not ready yet and that he must pay the ultimate sacrifice for them to finally understand.

Jesus offers a different way to peace than what everyone expected. Jesus did not come as a king that would take down the Roman Empire, like the people desired, but a king that was willing to die for us. God had a different way to save his people, it is not the way we would have chosen, it is not our way. This is the beauty of the God we serve; His way is better than ours.

Often, we are tempted to put God into a box. We want to keep him as a king that would do what we want. Our expectations can even affect the way we view God as our Father and our Savior. How many times do you find yourself wanting control over the plan over your life? It is easy to fall into the trap of expectations. We expect things to go the “right” way when we have done the right things. This mindset does not allow us to see the ways God is working in our life through all things.

Today, reflect on the ways your expectations of how you think God should show up in your life inhibits you from seeing God in all things.