Bloom 3 Day Devotional

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Bloom In Patience

Most times when we hear about patience, it's regarding us being patient with others. Scripture says, "Whoever is patient has great understanding." Being patient isn't solely about being patient with others. Being patient is about understanding. On your journey, you must be understanding. Proverbs 14:29, tells us that "Slowness to anger makes for a great understanding." Having an understanding mindset will allow you to be better in communicating with others as well as help you with responding to life situations that can be frustrating.

Can I be honest with you? I've had moments when I saw the lifestyles of others on the internet and began to compare my life to theirs. I was fixated on the perfection displayed on my screen instead of focusing on what God was doing for me. I had to come to grips with understanding that my journey won't look like everyone else's.

Be patient with what God is doing in your life. Don’t criticize yourself for your current location. You must understand that it's not your final destination.

Journal Prompt

Have you been patient with yourself? How will being more patient with your process affect you?

Today, pray to God and ask him to help you to be more understanding on your journey.