Moving From Brokenness to Purpose

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You have been created by God with a purpose He wants you to live out. He has scouted you, pursued you, and drafted you for His kingdom team.

Granted, that purpose may seem elusive right now. You may have to search for it as the Avengers searched for the Infinity Stones. But if you will search for it, you will find it. Instead of looking for your purpose, look for God. After all, He knows your purpose. Once you find Him and become intimate with Him, He will reveal it to you.

God has placed your purpose in you, in seed form. You grow that seed through intentionally pursuing Him. When you learn His ways as an athlete learns the plays, drive, and instincts of a coach, you will align yourself with all that is needed in order to maximize your potential. Your effort involves aligning yourself within His grid and with His design. God will bring about your greatness. You don’t need to force it, manipulate it, or obsessively work toward it. Draw close to God, and God will fulfill your purpose both for you and through you.

How can you pursue a more intimate relationship with God?