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On Mission to March MadnessSample

On Mission to March Madness

DAY 1 OF 4

Live With the End in Mind

Much of life is filled with routine tasks...but we must never lose sight of the end goal.

Glacier National Park is a very beautiful place to visit. To drive there non-stop from Chicago will take 24 hours. But for the first 23 hours, there is no majestic scenery. You will be driving across some of the flattest roads in America. Sometimes we need to endure to arrive. The same is true for our spiritual lives. We need to stay focused in the mundane moments and take action towards our purpose. For every basketball game played there are hours of routine practice. Gonzaga assistant coach Roger Powell keeps the end goal in mind...and it is more than winning championships.

To live with the end in mind is to be purposeful and dedicated in everything we do. It is living a purpose-driven life. And at the end of the day, what God says is what counts. The apostle said it this way, "I did my job properly, and I finished all the work God gave me to do. I always told the true message about Jesus. I’m like a man that runs a long race and keeps going hard right up to the finish line" (2 Timothy 4:7, PEV). That is a great perspective to keep us going when life gets hard. None of us are perfect. But by living with the end in mind, we can make small steps every day to become who God wants us to be. Let's live with the end in mind and finish well.

Application Questions:

  • What mental picture do you form in your mind for how you want to finish?
  • What step can you take today to help get you there?
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On Mission to March Madness

When March Madness is in full swing and a championship is in sight, how do players keep focused on what matters most? There is great pressure that comes from playing at this level. Players and coaches must stay sharp an...


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