Cultivating Unity

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The Value of Unity

The beginning of Ephesians 4 has struck me with its power to change relationships, offices, and churches around the world. Four words can do this, through the power of Christ. Four words, if embraced and lived out, can foster intimacy and ignite unity at all levels of your life.

Over the next five days, we will explore four attributes that can change the dynamics of not only the relationships you have in your home, family, and workplace, but, most importantly, within the church.

This reading plan will guide you down a path that sparks a unity revolution in your heart and overflows into your relationships, strengthening the bonds you have with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, and co-laborers in the local church.

Don’t overlook the power of these verses to penetrate your relationships and encourage unity to flourish. Humility, gentleness, patience, and love are the keys to unity and will aid you in all areas of your life if embraced!

Furthermore, these verses have the power to radically change your heart. I don’t know about you, but there are a few of these I struggle to live out, and diving deep into their meanings is reshaping my heart to be more like His. So not only is this a journey to unity, but it is a journey to be more like Christ.

Jump into this plan with fierce determination to grow and watch God move mightily in your life!