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The Military Trains Us, God Recreates UsSample

The Military Trains Us, God Recreates Us

DAY 1 OF 5

New Creation

By Kelli Baker

As women in uniform and spouses of military members, we wear specific identities such as the rank on our chest, our career, or being a stay at home in support of our spouse. However, when we put our hope, identity, and trust in our vocation, we can easily become disappointed and frustrated. As Christians, we have confidence that God anchors our identity in being daughters of the King. This identity as daughters means that our behaviors change.

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 that once we put our trust in Christ, we no longer live according to the flesh. We become new creations. Our old habits have died. The behaviors we’ve learned living in a broken, fallen world should no longer govern our lives once we are in Christ.

Our military lifestyle can be influenced heavily by the world. A typical Friday evening in the barracks can consist of heavy drinking and partying. When someone gets passed up for promotion, it is normal for them to react in anger and complain to others how it was not fair. It is also common practice for spouses to gather and talk about the latest gossip.

However, these are not behaviors consistent with a Christian lifestyle and it is impossible to behave differently without Christ. Only he can put those things to death in us. Just like we must learn to walk, we must learn to walk as Christians as well. Immersing ourselves in Christian community to hold our hands along the way is a great first step.

In the military, we are constantly moving, so it is difficult to find Christian community. Local chapels are a great resource to help you connect with believers in your area. The chapel provides resources like the Bible Boot Camp for Military Women. Planting Roots can also help you get connected with other Christian women affiliated with the military around the world. Access the Resources tab on our website for more information or find us on social media.

Read God’s Word daily to learn what it means to live as a new creation. Filling your mind with the things of God will help you change your habits and behaviors to be more like him. He will lead and guide your steps, so long as you seek him. God says in Jeremiah that when we seek him with our whole heart we will find him.

Have you made the commitment to follow Christ? Are you continuing to live in your old ways or have you adopted new habits and behaviors that align with the new creation that God has made you? Are you seeking God with your whole heart?

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