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Discover the Power of PrayerSample

Discover the Power of Prayer

DAY 1 OF 5

Do you ever feel frustrated when you pray? Perhaps it seems as though your prayers only make the situation worse. Or, maybe it seems as though your prayers just hit the ceiling and don’t even reach heaven. Do you find yourself wishing you could be like the prayer warriors of old, like Elijah whose prayer stopped and started the rain?

All of us have been there. In the deepest moment of our pain we cry to the Lord, yet He doesn’t seem to answer. We wonder if our prayers are getting to Heaven at all. We want to trust God with the situation, yet our minds keep going back to our pain.

“Lord, deliver me out of this situation!” we cry, and yet when we go back to work, we find our boss treats us worse than ever. “God, give me the strength to care for my disabled child,” we plead, and yet the next day we feel that nothing has changed; we have more work to do than ever and less strength with which to do it.

Of course, sometimes the answers to prayer are immediate and miraculous. It is the answer that most of us want.

Change the situation now, Lord,” we pray, adding as if by afterthought, “if that is your will." We want to believe that we are praying in the Lord’s will. We want to believe that our heart is open to what He wants. Yet, in our sorrow we want relief, not the word “wait.” We want an answer and hope desperately that the answer is yes.

God answers prayer. In the following days we will discover the power of prayer. But remember this: the purpose of prayer is not to change God; rather, prayer changes us. It changes our thoughts, our actions, and our desires.

Resolve to allow prayer to change you.

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