On Purpose: Nehemiah and Esther

On Purpose: Nehemiah and Esther

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Overview of the Book of Nehemiah

With Spirit-led conviction and a deep love for the city of God's people, Nehemiah set out for his ancestral home to restore Jerusalem's fallen walls.

Ezra and Nehemiah were originally written as a single book in the Hebrew Bible. They document the fulfillment of God's promise that Israel would return home after 70 years of exile in Babylon and restore their temple ruins.

This historical narrative is one of a community coming together to rebuild despite spiritual turmoil and outside threats. But more deeply, it is a story of our call to live out our faith as we do the daily work set before us.

Why not grab a few friends or your Life Group and journey through this plan together?

To learn the context of Nehemiah –watch this short video by the Bible Project. It will help give you a deeper understanding of this book of the Bible.

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On Purpose: Nehemiah and Esther

A broken city. A people in exile. A person with purpose. The books of Nehemiah & Esther tell the story of two people who respond to a call from God. They make decisions and act on purpose to play their part of restoring ...

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