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8 Habits Of An Influential PersonSample

8 Habits Of An Influential Person

DAY 1 OF 8

Follow First, Lead Second

You can’t just be a leader without knowing where you want to take people. But how will you know where you want to take people? In other words, how are you supposed to know what might help someone, and how can you help lead them to that answer?

Leaders lead and learn from others.

The greatest leaders are learners. It’s important that you learn to follow Christ first in your life. Let Him lead you. Live how He intended you to live, and then lead others in that same way. If you’re following Christ, you’ll know exactly where you should lead others—to Him!

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About this Plan

8 Habits Of An Influential Person

No one wants to go through this life and not make a difference. This Bible Plan’s for teenagers who want to become an influential person and make an impact on people and the world around them.

We would like to thank Switch, a ministry of Life.Church, for providing this plan. For more information, please visit 

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